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To date I have authored three books for DK Publishing, a division of Penguin Group, as well as 6 DVDs and continuing education courses through Pilates Therapeutics LLC. I have written for Dance Magazine and presently write a column, A Better You, for Dance Studio Life. My work life is generally divided into my private clinical practice, my periodic teaching in conferences and courses, and my work in dance.

Video teaser from Suzanne’s new book,
15 Minute Better Back Workout

Books by Suzanne

Stretching Book Stretching Card Deck Better Back Workout Book

All books available for purchase in stores, directly from the author and through online retailers such as and DK Publishing.

What a welcome surprise to receive a note from someone who uses my latest DK stretching book, Better Back Workout! - Dr. Martin

"I have Parkinson's. Your DVD and book has been a lifesaver in my need to move daily. This stretching DVD is perfect to get a PD patient flexible enough to start our day. Thank you for the work you do."


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