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Below are a sample of client testimonials who have used Total Body Development Services. If you would like to leave a comment on a positive experience you have with Total Body Development, please contact us - Click Here.

Suzanne, you have successfully reduced my ocular pressure (down to 12) and the ophthalmologist was so impressed with the state of my optic nerves, she has reduced my visits from three times to once per year! She also noted a visible improvement in the left sided droop. I can't tell you what a relief it is not to worry that I would lose vision too- what an incredibly huge, and on my part totally unintended, benefit from your treatment. YOU ROCK!!

- Barbara E., Corporate Trainer

Dear Dr. Martin, Thank you so much for helping me live with and manage my scoliosis. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you! Plus you’re a blast to be around!

- Kelly, HR Director

Thank you so much for allowing me to attend your conference this weekend.  I already implemented the techniques you showed us for the clicking hip problem and my client was amazed!!!  I noticed that this client also has hyper-extended knees.  Although he is a professional athlete, he has very little glut connection and I'm working on that now too!  Thank you so much for sharing this information.  You are a blessing to the field and your passion and commitment are unparalleled.  I will see a client with mild scoliosis this week and I can't wait to start applying your techniques!

Sincere Gratitude,
- CHB, Chakra Pilates Instructor

Dr. Suzanne Martin is awesome, she also has a pilates background and has written many very useful books and produced a number of DVDs. She is very dedicated and recently guest-starred as a lecturer for a knee safety clinic designed for our teenage girls at Kuk Sool Won of Alameda. All the girls loved her and came away with a new appreciation for alignment and core strength. She helped me understand my minor surgery and the entire process of healing correctly... from what to expect immediately after surgery to the long term rehab of the joint capsule to correct alignment of adjoining scar tissue.

Suzanne Martin has saved my life. She works with all ages. Been in the area for I believe 17 years. She’s amazing!!! She knows bodies, she won’t just work on the injured site. She looks at your whole body, how you move, react. She sees where the injury has affected the rest of you and how you are compensating. She is my hero. She’s on Sherman St. just off Santa Clara. Very easy and accessible.
- C.

After meeting monthly for the past ten years with physical therapist Suzanne C. Martin, I have benefited from her expert diagnosis and professionalism. A gifted healer, her ability to share her knowledge has improved the quality of my life as I age: while I wanted my knees or back to feel better, I was unprepared to enjoy happiness and wisdom as "side effects"!
- C.L.L.

Suzanne is a very talented, caring, and supportive physical therapist. I tore a ligament in my hip joint about 7 years ago and was told by my doctor it was “just a sprain” and it would be fine.  Six months later it wasn’t fine and the injury was limiting my physical activity.  Someone recommended Suzanne and she was amazing. She figured out what the injury was and had me on the road to recovery in no time.  I was fine until about six months ago when I started experiencing trouble with my hip again.  My doctor sent me to physical therapy within my insurance network and after several sessions I was told I was just going to have pain for the rest of my life.  I didn’t believe it and called Suzanne. Again she worked her magic. I cannot recommend Suzanne highly enough!
- W.L.W.

Suzanne Martin has taught me everything I know about movement arts. She is gifted in explaining complicated body mechanics while providing sincere, and individualized attention. She is an absolute treasure to anybody who has the good fortune to experience her wisdom, grace, and insight.
- A.A.

Suzanne has been treating and training me for about two years. I have a rather complex arthritic condition and recently underwent minimally invasive back surgery. Without her help that surgery would have been misery rather than successful. She's great!
- R.W.

I did want to tell you that the orthopedist replaced my left hip a year ago last February and I can't believe the transformation! I can take full strides and stand up straight for the first time in twelve years!

So I want to thank you for all your help educating me to the process and the surgery and for encouraging me to step up to the plate and tell my provider I was ready for the operation. From waking up in post-op with my left leg relaxed and straight, to the remission of so many aches and pains that were the result of my lopsided posture (I broke my hip falling off a mountain bike 12 years ago), to being able to bend over enough to polish my toenails,the whole process has been a miracle! I joined a circuit gym and and taking long walks with my dog, getting my body stronger every day.
- C.A.

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